There are a wide variety of automotive lifts available in different shapes and sizes. Depending upon the situation you have to work, you can choose one that is most convenient to you. Some of you may be interested to use it in their own workshops while some may prefer to have at their own house. However, each of these types have their own pros and cons.

Following are few different varieties of automotive lifts available and we shall cover only the 2-post and 4-post lift drives.

  1. 2-Post Automotive Lifts
  2. 4-Post Automotive Lifts
  3. The Column Lifts
  4. Automotive Scissor type Lifts
  5. The Portable Automotive Lifts
  6. The in-Ground Automotive Lifts
  7. Parking Lifts
  8. Alignment Automotive Lifts
  9. Specialty Lifts

2-post automotive lifts

Following are few benefits of a two post car lift:

  1. Cost: This is one of the chief reasons why many people usually prefer to use this variety of lift.
  2. Space: These lifts can usually fit into any kind of shop, as there are only 2 columns along with the folding arms, hence needs lesser floor space than any larger lift types.
  3. Functionality: This is another reason many mechanics prefer to choose 2-post lifts over any other lifts.

A few other facts also should be kept in mind about these two-post auto lifts:

  • These types of lifts are among the most popular auto lifts.
  • As they consist of 2 columns positioned on both side of your vehicle so the name has been given as 2-post lift.
  • It can take the vehicle’s weight by using its lift points in frame or undercarriage.
  • Each column has 2 arms which can be adjusted with any particular vehicle that you are trying to work.
  • This kind of lift is ideal for any general car or light truck repair.
  • These lifts are both symmetric or asymmetric.
  • They need to be grouted to the floor
  • Make sure before purchase that it will able to handle the vehicle weight that you will be working on.

4-Post Automotive Lifts

These lifts are much sturdier than the above 2-post lifts. Some of the home automotive lifts do not need any anchor to the floor. It can be easily moved when needed, by using casters.

4-post lifts are slightly higher priced than the 2-post lifts, because of extra materials and mechanics required to manufacture them.

Those who are car enthusiast, can use it in so many ways in their garage. In due course of time car lifts are becoming cheaper and more reliable, hence they are becoming a household item. Having any car lift at your home, you can easily recover its cost with regular maintenance.

Those people who are technical oriented will find this lift very useful by installing at their home garage and can regularly use it for their car maintenance. Since this lift can be easily moved to any place of your convenience, you can do your work at any suitable place of your house.