According to statistics, about a third of people are looking for a car in which the whole family can feel comfortable. At the same time, it should be convenient for long trips, safe, and quite economical. It is quite difficult to find the best family car because the choice is very large, and not every model can boast a successful combination of all the characteristics. Experts distinguish sedans, minivans, and crossovers because they provide the best combination of qualities suitable for a large family.

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How to choose the right car for a large family

It’s quite difficult to do without a car today, especially if you have children. It allows you to quickly move both within the city and travel around the country. There are quite a lot of models designed for family people today. But what should you pay attention to?

In general, the main points don’t differ too much from the process of choosing an ordinary car, but the priorities, in this case, will be completely different. In particular, the appearance and power of the engine are fading into the background, and other points come to the fore. One of the key qualities of such a car is its capacity. If the family has three children, it is best to buy a car in which at least five people can stay simultaneously, but many people prefer models with seven seats. The third row of seats should be fully functional and as comfortable as possible even for long trips.

Family cars must be absolutely safe. In this regard, you should pay close attention to the degree of rigidity of the body, the presence of airbags, the level of glass strength, and the number of seat belts. Before buying it, you can watch videos with crash tests conducted by reputable organizations. The safety is also directly affected by various active-type systems whose action is aimed at preventing a traffic accident: anti-lock braking, traction control systems, the possibility of distributing braking forces, emergency braking, signaling dangerous proximity to an obstacle or other vehicle. For child seats, there is an original ISOFIX system, with which you can correctly and firmly install child seats. It will also positively affect safety in an accident.

Also, a large family implies the presence of a huge number of things, which often have to be transported from place to place – a weekend trip to parents, a summer house or a village, outdoor recreation, children leaving for a camp or sanatorium, moving, etc. As a rule, for these reasons, a family car should be equipped with a sufficiently roomy trunk. In addition, big dogs can be transported in the luggage compartment of a car, which is much more convenient than putting them in a clean car.

The degree of reliability and durability of the car, in any case, plays an important role. The more reliable the car, the more expensive it will cost – you shouldn’t forget about such a simple but key rule.

Top 7 cars

A car for a large family is not a luxury but a necessity, without which it is simply impossible to exist normally. When choosing a family car, you need to get balanced characteristics at an attractive price. It is this combination of the best characteristics with an adequate price that we took into account in our rating:

  1. Kia Soul

A practical, comfortable urban crossover of the Korean company Kia Motors takes first place in our rating. In general, the model repeatedly fell into the rankings of the best family budget compact cars. It features high safety and reliability indicators (5 years warranty from the manufacturer), excellent equipment, and bright and effective design. The basic model of the car is equipped with air conditioning, power windows, six speakers, security systems, and other options. Kia Soul is a comfortable, roomy, pleasant to drive car with a bright design – a good option for a young family.

  • Chevrolet Orlando

This is a real family car for all occasions that is distinguished by practicality, the versatility of the interior, and unusual design (some details give the minivan the look of a crossover). Feature: each passenger seat folds separately, which gives a lot of options for organizing the space. Orlando is one of the safest minivans, thanks to the design features, quality of materials, and production technology. All versions are equipped with six airbags and two window blinds.

  • Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

This is a French innovative minivan, practical, comfortable, cozy, with an unusual and eye-catching exterior. The model incorporates the best ideas and know-how of the manufacturer. Front row seats have armrests, side and bottom support. For passengers of the second and third row, it is possible to adjust the distance for the legs. The windshield goes into the panoramic roof and gives the passenger an excellent overview of the surroundings, and also fills the car interior with plenty of light. With good roominess, the car has compact dimensions, convenient for maneuvering on city streets. The model is equipped with the latest intelligent control and security technologies. It has a nice body and is considered the safest in its class.

  • Subaru Outback

On the Subaru Outback, you can go on a long journey. It is a roomy, comfortable, safe, high-tech car with five seats. This is not a cheap car both in price and in maintenance, but it can be considered a payment for genuine Japanese quality and technology. Spacious interior, there is enough space above the head for passengers; for legs, the angle of inclination of the rear seats changes and all the seats are heated, so you can feel absolutely comfortable on a long trip. The luggage compartment is roomy (560 liters), plus it has comfortable roof rails. The model is equipped with a modern EyeSight protection system that monitors traffic on the road, manages cruise control, and is equipped with emergency braking. For complete convenience, it is equipped with Starlink auto-intuitive multimedia system. 

  • Skoda Kodiaq Sportline

Due to the combination of affordable prices with excellent quality, this brand has long stood on one level with the leaders of the European market. This model was the first experiment in the family crossover category. The car has 7 seats, a 270-liter luggage compartment, a nice design, and powertrains. Sports seats and aluminum elements in the interior make it look like a sports model, and the automatic transmission, coupled with the Launch Control system, will delight the owner with a quick start, almost like a real racing sports car.

  • Volkswagen Teramont

The model, which can be called the novelty of the car market, received a bright appearance, a powerful engine, and a large ergonomic interior from the creators. 7 seats guarantee convenience, especially considering the easy access to the spacious back row, where even tall passengers have enough space for a pleasant trip. In addition, the cabin is equipped with 3-zone climate control, which each passenger will provide with its own temperature regime. The on-board multimedia system will not let you get bored during the trip, which can be regulated using a smartphone synchronized with it. The car is equipped with technological innovations: a digital dashboard Active Info Display, a Discover Media navigator, as well as six interactive security systems that monitor the movement.

  • Renault Duster

One of the best crossovers that can rightfully be called a family car is an inexpensive, reliable and roomy Renault Duster. In terms of comfort, the second generation of this SUV showed better performance with modified seats and better interior materials, which has a maximum occupancy of 5 people. This car is suitable for families who value outdoor activities – picnic, fishing, camping trips. A 475-liter luggage compartment with folding seats increasing its volume is attached to a comfortable cabin. The machine is not overloaded with electronics, however, it has a reliable safety package.

What to choose?

It is not an easy task to choose the perfect family car. We hope that our recommendations will help you decide. It is always worth remembering that the main criterion for a family car is the safety and comfort of all passengers, as well as practicality and functionality. The rest depends on the individual characteristics of your family and personal preferences.